Youth Protection Frequently Asked Questions

District 5100 Youth Protection Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why do I need a background check?

Rotary International requires all volunteers that wish to participate in youth service programs (i.e Youth Exchange) have background checks effective June 1, 2006

2) Who needs to have a background check?

Any adult involved with Youth Service programs who have regular interaction with students, either supervised or unsupervised.

3) What forms do I complete?

Youth Service Program Youth Volunteer Affidavit Form.

4) Is District 5100 paying the cost of the background checks?

District 5100 is paying the processing fees for youth exchange host families only. Clubs sponsoring other Youth Service programs shall either pay the processing fee or require the member to submit payment with the Youth Services Affidavit.

5) Who processes my background check?

Advance Reporting has been contracted by District 5100 to process the background checks.

6) Where will the results of background checks be stored?

Advance Reporting will store the results of the background checks.

7) Who has access to the results of my background check?

The District’s Youth Protection Officer and Advance Reporting

8) How often do I need a background check?

Every three years.

9) I’m hosting a youth exchange student and I have an 18 year old daughter that is attending a local college. Does she need a background check?


10) Our family invites the Youth Exchange student to spend one weekend on the coast, do we need background checks?


11) How do I get started?

Complete and sign the Volunteer Affidavit Form and fax to (503)-513-9213.

12) Do you have additional questions?

Please send your questions to Salvatore (Sam) Mangone via email