Centennial Community Project

Rotary Club of East Portland COPE Shelter

To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Rotary International, the Rotary Club of East Portland is building a much-needed training shelter for the Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience (COPE) Course at Scouter’s Mountain in Happy Valley, Clackamas County. The COPE Course is a community resource operated by the Learning for Life Program of the Boy Scouts of America and is used by a number of organizations including schools, juvenile courts, scouting groups, and other youth groups and agencies.

COPE consists of a series of obstacles and challenges designed to develop leadership, foster problem solving skills, and group interaction. The Rotary Club of East Portland COPE Shelter will provide more training and activity space allowing greater capacity and year-round use. The shelter measures 40 ft. by 40 ft. with an additional attached equipment storage room. The cash and in-kind budget for the project is $40,000, which has been raised primarily through Rotary Club of East Portland member donations.

Scouter's Mountain is located at 11300 SE 147th Ave.  Construction is scheduled to be completed by February 23, 2005 the 100th Anniversary of Rotary.



Remarks for Centennial Project Groundbreaking. February 2, 2005. Tom Swearingen, Centennial Project Chair.

In 1905, one hundred years ago this month, Chicago attorney Paul Harris invited three business associates to meet for fellowship and to talk about forming what ultimately became the world’s first service organization. Rotary International.

Paul Harris is an example of how one person can change history. How one person’s contribution and effort can make a multi-fold impact on others.

Tens of thousands of Rotary Group Study Exchange participants, hundreds of thousands of Rotary Youth Exchange Students, millions and millions of dollars, more than 2 billion children immunized against Polio, are just tip of the iceberg examples of Rotary’s century of service resulting from one man’s vision and example of volunteerism.

The Rotary Club of East Portland, founded in 1950, and one of 30,000 Rotary Clubs in 164 countries
has it’s own proud history of serving and impacting our community and the world. Our 118 members, part of 1.2 million Rotary members worldwide demonstrate through dollars and deeds "Service above Self".

Today we celebrate the start of construction of the Rotary Club of East Portland C.O.P.E. Shelter at Scouter’s Mountain. This gift to the community is more than a commemoration of Rotary’s Centennial. A mere monument would have done that. Rather, this building continues Rotary’s history of service to youth, a priority since Rotary’s earliest days.

Rotary’s Centennial is a time to reflect on past accomplishments. But it is also a time to look to the future and to create the visions and lay the groundwork for the next century. With that in mind we can imagine the young people who will come to this building and receive training and develop leadership skills and develop character that might not have been possible if not for our gift. And just as Paul Harris demonstrated the impact one person could h
ave on others, today we can imagine what each of those young men and women will do with what they learn here. It’s not out of the question to think that the next century’s "Paul or Paula Harris" might just come from a Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience course at the East Portland Rotary COPE Shelter.

It is with that hope that we celebrate the start of this great project.


As of February 23 construction is complete!
 The walls are up and the roof is on (special thanks to Clow Roofing and Certainteed for their generous donation of labor and materials).  The windows are in (thanks to President Sam Mangone for securing Munnell & Sherrill's donation). The garage doors are in and Kevin's Pasion's crew from J. Greb & Sons have hung the passage doors. Other finish details are on schedule.  Special mention must be made of the donated construction management provided by Neil Kelly Company's Erik Churchill thanks to East Portland Rotary's Walt Harwood, Vice President and GM of Neil Kelly.  We also can't say enough about the design of the building provided by architect Todd Marcum of David Evans and Associates thanks to East Portland Rotarian Ken Wightman, CEO of David Evans. 

April 16 the Club will hold a work party to stain the building and dress up the grounds with some landscaping.  Details will come, but please hold the date if you'd like to do some "hands-on" work.

Another date to put on your calendar is June 9, 2005.  That day we will hold our Club meeting and lunch at the site and dedicate the Rotary Club of East Portland C.O.P.E. Shelter.